About Us

What is the content generation engine? The content generation engine simply creates articles that are retrieved by the Blackhat WordPress plugin which, in turn, publishes them on a blog. This is all done in the background, so the end-user is not aware it. The Engine, it self, comprises two parts: a database and article-creation algorithm.

The engine database contains the data needed by the algorithm to build sentences, paragraphs and articles. Specifically, the database contains tables of adverbs, adjectives, verbs, and sentence fragments categorized into niches. The database also contains a spider IP list, and sentence and article construction rules.

The engine algorithm builds articles from database sentence-fragments by following the sentence and articles construction rules, and passes the articles back to the plug-ins which publishes them on blogs.

Why build a content generation engine? From my experience, Google (and possibly other search engines) have become wary of new sites with significant numbers of pages, and I remember Matt Cutts mentioning something along these lines too.

For instance, if you were updating a search engine algorithm would you trust a newly registered .info site with over 20,000 pages of content? What are the chances of that site being spam? Probably around 99.9999% or more! The content engine gets round this problem by providing blogs with content on a daily basis – from 2 to 5 articles per day.

Also, as the search engines strengthen their algorithms to eliminate low-quality spam, so I’ll continue to strengthen my content-engine algorithm to improve the quality of content served to blogs and so stay several steps ahead of the search engines.

As far as users of the Blackhat plug-in are concerned, they don’t even need to be aware of the content engine, as the updating of blogs is all done in the background automatically!

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