Search Engine Link Cloaker – Slap Google Back!

After a lot of research, I’ve come to the conclusion that the easiest to build and most profitable websites are niche product review sites. Combine product-review sites with Rapid SEO (a new concept I’m developing) and you have the ultimate winning combination for making money online with organic traffic.

However, recently, Google has been slapping review sites that use Adwords – the quality score dropped dramatically. I suspect this is just warning – almost a shot across the bow for webmasters to clean up their content. You may or may not be aware, Google is very AGGRESSIVELY combating link-sales, and all this started with a simple warning too. So, I think it’s inevitable that affiliate-link-loaded-content sites in the SERPs will be hit too – sooner or later.

If you follow Google’s webmaster guidelines to the letter, you’ll probably make very little or no money – Google DO NOT condone active link building; no links means no money! Thus, to make money online, you have no choice but to dabble in the dark side. Sooner or later, you will convert completely because the Force (the profit potential) is much, much, much greater on the dark side.

Now, to slap Google back, use the WordPress Search Engine Link Cloaker (SELC) plugin below.

This is how it works: the SELC simply identifies visitors – either search engine spiders or humans – and displays authority links to the spiders and affiliate links to humans. To use, simply add your affiliate links to your blog posts as normal. Then go to the SELC user-interface in WordPress, enter your affiliate links in the boxes provided (on the left) and authority links in the boxes on the right. Then, enter your IP to test the plugin – it’s really simple to use.

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